11 Things Women Deserve From Men In 2017

According oldies 2016 has ben the year of the F$#kboy. Do I agree with this lewd statement? Well maybe. I strongly believe this coming 2017 Yoruba demons(not only Yoruba guys, all guys) should put dow…

10 Things your Man Loves About You

So what do men love about women, really? 1. You’re incredibly soft. 2. You’re maternal. 3. You look hot in bikinis. 4. You’re good listeners. 5. You’re good at expressing yourselves. 6. You make great…

5 Types Of Vag!Na And What Men Think About It

Here’s the gist of how we guys see ladies Vag1na. Much like fingerprints, no two vag1nas are exactly alike and guys are well aware of it. Unfortunately, we as women seem to be left in the dark when it…

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