10 Fabulous Shoes Every Lady Should Have

When it comes to fashion, variety is the key. You may not have money to break the bank and own several collections of shoes/foot wears, but you can gradually build your collections...

Beautiful Dress for Your Wedding

You need to look glamorous at weddings. This dress will make you stand out. This design by @dorisoby worn by Olivia is bright, vibrant and gorgeous.

Ankara Special Styles for Kids

You can dress up your kids with these beautiful and special Ankara styles.

Beautiful Styles of Wearing Ankara for Casual Outings

Ankara fashion is so beautiful depending on how you want to rock it. It has a unqiue and exquisite effect it creates on the wearer. See various style to rock your Ankara...

How To Choose & Apply the Best Lipstick – For Ladies With Big Lips

The size of your lips shouldn't stop you from rocking lipsticks, In the video tutorial below Lovelyanneka shows us how to choose and apply the best lipstick for full lips; [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLXuy4guvKw&w=700&h=315]

Beautiful and Irresistable Ankara Hand Bags

The Ankara material is what we call big and bold, it is very versatile, when used right, it can help make the ultimate fashion statement. From bags, to sneakers and bangles, everyday,...

Stylish Dressing For Big and Curvy Ladies

As a curvy woman, you can be stylish if want to. Amarachi Ukachi is a breath of fresh air. She is obviously knows how to dress stylishly! Her self-confidence shines through every picture....

Casual Jumpsuit for dinner / evening date

Jumpsuits are way easier and perfect for your casual dinner/evening date.  


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