5 Things You Need to Know About Repeating Your Outfits

‘Re-rocking’ is basically when you repeat an outfit. Probably to a public place and if you are going to be photographed.
Rerocking applies mainly to ‘A-List’ celebrities and socialites. Because as a regular Bola, you can’t buy a N10,000 shirt and not wear it 101 times.
But if you have joined the ‘i can’t wear it more than once’ ‘I wore it 2 months ago’ bandwagon, we want you to know everything about rerocking.
Here are Five Major things you need to Know about rerocking.
Five Major things you need to Know about rerocking.
1. Your favorite fashionistas rerock their outfits!
From the Royals to the Kardashians, everyone rerocks their outfit.
2. You can Rerock your accessories forever
If you won’t hide your engagement ring after a first appearance, why should you keep your earrings? This also applies to shoes and bags! Wearing them over again isn’t a problem.
3. There’s is nothing wrong in repeating your outfit
This doesn’t apply when you wear black jeans for a week! Don’t be dirty about it.
Try to avoid rerocking it the exact same way!
Switch up your styling. Not because of anything but basically just utilizing the money you spent on your outfit right!
4. If you must, Use the caption REROCKED!
I know nobody cares what you are wearing, but if you must, explain why you did so with the caption ‘rerocked’! We suddenly turn that look into a statement, if you are rerocking a particular top it becomes one piece different ways!
5. Rerocking applies to asoebi! If I spend a lot of cash on asoebi, I’ll rerock to church, for a birthday party, someone’s introduction andanoother wedding.
Don’t let anyone Rerock Shame you – go forth and rerock your clothes!
Daily Mail | Instagram via Mocheddah || Kaylah Oniwo

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