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Why I can never marry – Funmi Iyanda

A TV talk show host and broadcaster, Funmi Iyanda has explained why she cannot be married to any man, saying, “My psychic says I am not the marrying type.”

Iyanda, the host of the now rested programme on Nigeria Television Authority, NTA, titled, “New Dawn,” took to her Twitter handle, @Funmilola, during the week to make the claim. “I had my palm and tarot card reading done yesterday, First time.

“Psychic says I am not the marrying type. I want my money back.

“Oh for goodness’ sake. Stop texting me prayers. This means he told me what I always knew. Jeez! So many fried brains.

“I have never wanted to be married. I like it for others who like it for themselves but as for me Ms Funmi Iyanda, no, thank you.

“Asked why she’s against marriage.

“Because marriage is often wielded as a power tool and a repudiation of it seems like a challenge to misguided power notions.”

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