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7 Reasons To Stop Relaxing Your Hair Today

Maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of going natural but just aren’t sure if you are ready to make that leap. Perhaps you’ve been natural but went running back to the creamy crack at the first sign of struggle. In case you need just a few more solid reasons on why you need to stop getting relaxers, I have got you covered!
Fuller more Voluminous Hair: It’s no secret that natural hair can be both big and beautiful! Natural hair when well taken care of has a big voluminous appearance that gives hair a full gorgeous look!
Healthier Scalp: Relaxers can often cause sores, scabs, burns and flakes on the scalp. Eliminating the harsh chemicals in relaxers will allow your scalp to be healthy and most importantly scab and damage free.
Save Money: Salon visits and relaxers at the hair salon are not cheap honey! Many naturals utilize youtube to pick up on various beautiful and cost effective hair styles that will save you time and money!
Less Damage: If you are getting relaxers on a regular basis most likely you are straightening your hair often as well. Straightening your hair on a daily or even weekly basis can lead to head damage, as well as dry and broken ends.
Low Maintenance: How many times have you had to skip a workout because you just got your hair done? Have you ever left the gym fuming because your new hair do now was completely sweated out? Maybe you got caught in the rain and felt like your world would end if you got a drop of water on your hair! Whatever the case may be, natural hair is extremely low maintenance. You can exercise for as long as you please with no worries and natural hair loves water, so sweat, shower heads and rain will no longer be your biggest enemy.
More Styling Options: The possibilities are really endless when it comes to natural hair styling! You can dress natural hair up or down and it still looks flawless. There are so many hair styling options and finding and trying different styles is the most fun part of the journey!
Versatility: Going natural is not the end all be all of ever having straight hair again! You can still straighten your hair while natural and there are tons of healthy ways to do so without utilizing too much heat and getting heat damage.

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