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8 Beauty Sins Every Lady Need To Avoid In 2017

Beauty sins: we’ve all committed them, and luckily – none of them happen to be deadly. However, many of them are definitely cringe-worthy, and therefore they are worth talking about. There are a million reasons that your makeup may not be flawless on a daily basis, and we get it. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty anyway, not create an entirely new face. In order to keep your face looking as close to flawless as possible (as often as possible). It’s the end of the year and most people will be dropping plenty of bad habits with 2016 so i’ve put together a list of some beauty sins that you should drop with 2016, to avoid cringe-worthy mirror glances in 2017.
1.  Foundation that’s too dark:
I know it’s not always your fault! Sometimes, foundation and concealer change colour when they’ve been on your skin for a few hours – this normal, and it’s called oxidization. Some formulas oxidize more than others, and that’s where it gets tricky. That’s why it’s incredibly important to do your research before you buy a shade of foundation.
2.  Messy winged liner:
A crisp eyeliner is drop-dead gorgeous when it’s a perfectly pointed, sleek line – and cringe-worthy when it’s not. Eyeliner is so difficult to get right, because it requires extreme attention to detail, practice, and a very steady hand. Plus, some eyes are harder than others to line! If you’re feeling adventurous and want to go for a bold wing, then Q-tips and concealer should be your master and commander, they will help to fudge the micro-mistakes. Watch tutorials and keep practicing, and your wings will be knife-sharp in no time.
3.  Unblended eyeshadow:
Unblended eye shadow is the grandfather of all makeup mistakes – blending is hard to perfect, and eye shadow can end up looking real dramatic real quick. YouTube is a great place to learn blending techniques, and learn from makeup artists. Don’t forget to practice!
4.  Popping pimples:
I know, it’s so hard not to i do it most of the time unconsciously too. Pimples are awful, uncomfortable, and unsightly, and it’s totally normal to want them gone as quickly as possible – which often leads to popping. However, popping is only going to hurt your complexion in the long run. Popping your pimples leads to hyperpigmentation, scarring, and a longer healing time.
5.  Hoarding mentality:
Let’s face it – our makeup collections are massive compared to the average woman, but there’s a fine line between a stash and a stockpile. We’re motivated to buy for different reasons, so purchase products you love and will use.
6.  Beauty hygiene:
Have you ever stumbled in from a late night, too lazy to wash your face or even brush your teeth? Without a set routine, brushes go unwashed, makeup builds up bacteria, and your skin forgets what a proper cleansing feels like. Trust us ladies, this might be the dirtiest sin of them all.
7. Vanity (mirror madness):
To be truthful we all do it, we all check ourselves out in the mirror most of the time as a lady. How many times have you looked in the mirror today? Whether you’re gazing at your charmingly good looks (you’re hot!) or that one zit that won’t go away, it’s time to stop the mirror madness and give your reflection the cheek.
8.  Over plucked brows

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