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8 Realistic Ways You Can Save Your Relationship From Crumbling

Whoever said being in a relationship is easy is obviously single. They’re hard work, but if you love your partner and want to save your relationship, the hard work is worth it.
1. THINK BEFORE YOU SHOUT: Before you get yourself all worked up into a rage session, just breathe. Yelling won’t actually solve the fight, nor will it make you feel any better. So, just take a breath and carefully think about what you want to say. If not, you may just blurt out something that could really hurt your partner and possibly make things even worse.
2. DONT LET TECHNOLOGY DISTRACT YOU: Facebook and Instagram are great tools for communicating with friends and family. However, don’t make it a part of your relationship. Check Facebook, check your emails, but don’t do it while you’re talking to your partner. It’s rude and you look like an ass. Put your phone down and respect your partner.
3. WHEN SERIOUS MATTERS ARISE TALK ABOUT IT FACE TO FACE: If you have an issue with your partner, don’t text them during work or call them in an angry rage. This doesn’t help solve anything. You need to sit down and have a face-to-face conversation. If not, there could be unnecessary misunderstanding and that makes matters worse.
4. MAKE SURE YOU’RE PHYSICALLY CONNECTED: If you’re watching a movie with your partner, cuddle up next to them. If you two are reading in bed, intertwine your legs into theirs. Physical contact is extremely important and when you’re going through hard times, that’s when you need it most.
Physical contact lets your partner know that you’re still there for them and for the relationship.
5. TRY NOT TO BE ON A ROUTINE: People get themselves into a routine: work, dinner, gym, sleep. It’s easy to fall into a routine, but you need to switch it up every now and then. You know, spice up the routine. Go out for dinner at a new restaurant or check out some festivals happening in your city. If you just sit at home watching TV, you’re killing the spark.
6. REFRAIN FROM BELITTLING YOUR PARTNER: We’ve all gone through rough patches. and it usually ends up with us calling our partner an idiot or annoying. Well, that’s not helping your relationship at all. And if you want to make this relationship better, calling your partner belittling and demeaning names certainly won’t help the situation. What happens when someone belittles you? You close up and push yourself away from them. Not the makings for a happy outcome.
7. HAVE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES: Everyone needs boundaries, and you may think once you’re in a relationship all boundaries are removed. That’s not the case. When I mean boundaries, I don’t mean going to the bathroom in front of each other. For example, a boundary or rule could be that every night you eat dinner together. Simple. And unless there’s a special circumstance, that’s what you two agree to do every day together. This shows respect for the relationship.
8. NO THIRD PARTIES: Everyone likes getting involved in someone else’s business. When you’re watching that happen in a romantic comedy, sure, it’s funny, but when it becomes your life—that’s a whole other story. Is there someone external interrupting your relationship? If you’re telling them your issues, well, you bear partial blame. You’re not in a relationship with them, so instead, direct your feelings to your partner

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