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Knee high boots are the perfect day-to-night footwear essential. From heels to flats, suede to leather, we take a look at all the best long boots out there.
There’s no doubt about it, knee high boots are having a bit of fashion moment right now.
From thigh high heeled beauties, to super practical-come-stylish flats, boots that pack a bit of height are shooting to the very top of our  lust list this season and we can’t wait to show the trend. And yes, whilst we all mourn the end of the summer months, there’s something very exciting about selecting those all-important fall staples to be worn day after day once the weather turns cooler – and luckily for us, the long boot trend is one that will take us all the way into next year and beyond.
And the great thing about investing in a pair of long boots is that there really is a style to suit every shape and budget, plus, you’ll be spending the rest of the season feeling so snug in your new signature boots that you won’t even notice that it’s miserable outside. Happy days.
So here we are ladies, all the best knee high boots from the high street and beyond.

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