Hey pretty ladies,
I’m pretty much excited about this new year 2017. one is because I got a chance to start all over again in this new year. With so many fashion memories that I’ve had, once again I’m given a golden chance to relive, rejuvenate and create more creative fashion ideas.
I’m probably sure by now you already know how much we love big and curvy ladies at IFASHY These ladies are to be day in day out celebrated not only because of their curves but because of the confidence and boldness in standing tall and firm in a world where the slim ones are considered as the ideal and appropriate body size for ladies. These plus size damsels with  wonderful stature to behold , they are what I can refer to as a reflection of what Africans call beautiful.
Casual wears brings out  stylish looks and everyone loves casuals including the curvy, big and beautiful ladies.  Because we love these endowed ladies and want them to enjoy all the phrases of fashion, here are some inspirations looks for the big and beautiful ladies…



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