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Check Out Amazing Thread styles you can Rock!

Thread style is a traditional styling technique that goes back ! Thread style is usually done with a  black thread, although it can now be done with a colored ones, it is wrapped around strands of hair from just above the roots all the way to the ends. Some people feels using a thread to plait your hair might be old fashion, well that’s not true because the style is still in vogue among women. Initially threading is known among those who are trying to grow their hair and children of school age, but now done by old and young. Depending on the individual wearing the hairstyle, they can add a touch of class by making it fashionable with fancy colored threads, some even add ringlet to it. Over time thread style has been known to be a method of  stretching hair, moreover, it doesn’t only straightens it out, it can actually help with detangling hair.
See some Lovely Hairstyles below!

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