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Effective Tips On How To Get Off Stretch Marks.

Almost all women have to deal with this problem at some point in their lives. There are several natural remedies and below you will find a list of effective tips on how to get on stretch marks.

  1.  EXFOLIATION: Dry, dead skin cells build up on the skin every day which makes skin feel rough and look dull, expfoliating removes this excess build up of skin cells to reveal fresh new skin beneath.
  2. MASSAGE: For best results, massage your skin with almond oil. Its rich in vitamin E.
  3. MOISTURIZING: Keeping skin moisturized is a essential part of reducing the appearance of stretch marks and prevelling new ones from developing. Moisturize daily, concentrating in areas that have stretch marks or may develop them in the future.
  4. ALOE VERA: Is most effective in pure aloe vera gel, it needs to be left on the skin for about an hour or two to absorb, so that you might see full benefits of the treatment before rinsing it away with water.
  5. COFFEE GRINDS WITH OLIVE OIL: To stimulate the areas where you have stretch marks apply some coffee grinds mixed with olive oil and massage this paste into the problematic section of your skin for about 5 minutes.


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