Four Makeup Tips For Looking Gorgeous In Your Glasses


  1. Sweep on color glasses: A neutral shadow will barely show behind glasses, so dust a soft plum hue (which is pretty on everyone) across the lids, then use a damp eyeliner brush to trace a bit of the shadow along your top and bottom lash  liner.MKUP
  2. Emphazise with eyeliner: wearing glasses can make your eyes appear smaller so open them up by drawing black penal along your top lids. On the bottom lids, sketch it just on the outer half dont worry, this wont feel like too much once your frames are on.MKUP2
  3. Do mini mascara: You may want to darken your lashes but not to lengthen them otherwise the tips may hit your lenses.MKUP3
  4. Fill in your Brows: Even if your glasses hide part of your brows, they are still visible  when you tilt your head, so using angled brow brush, softly darken the brows.


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