How to Make a 360 Flay Skirt and a Casual 360 Flay Gown / Maxi Dress

In this video, you will learn how to make a 360 flay skirt and a 360 flay gown/ maxi dress. You will learn step by step how to cut and sew a 360 flay skirt and a long 360 flay gown / maxi dress with open back design.

This 360 flay gown can be used as a beach dress or a casual evening dinner. 

  • Intro
  • How to cut a 360 flay skirt
  • How to stitch the 360 flay skirt
  • Cutting and stitching the waist band
  • Measuring the skirt and length for the gown
  • Cutting and stitching the gown extension
  • Attaching / stitching the zipper
  • Cutting the cowl front piece with straps
  • Attaching the cowl front piece to the skirt


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