Meet Prince Onyeka Eze (Osisioma Gburugburu) the Fashionable Philanthropist

We just opened a channel for celebrating prominent people in the society who are as well fashionable. We will be bringing you interviews and inspirational messages from celebrities and famous people in our society.
Today we caught up with a prominent philanthropist Prince Onyeka Eze (Osisioma Gburugburu). He is not just a philanthropist but a fashionable one as well. Popularly known are Prince Osisioma, he hails from Ukpo, in Dunukofia LGA, Anambra State. He was born on January 9, 1984. He is married with 4 children. He graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University in 2003, where he is studied Philosophy.
Prince Osisioma is very passionate about youth empowerment and development and has been promoting youth development and education through his foundation (Osisioma Foundation).

Read the excerpts from our interview with him:

Good day Prince Onyeka Eze (Osisoma). Thanks for granting us this interview. We are sure our teeming fans will find this very interesting.

Most prominent people in the society are not fashionable as you, can you tell us why you come to like fashion?
Osisioma: Fashion they say is a lifestyle. I just love looking simple and smart.

What do you have to say about Made in Nigeria clothes?
Osisioma: Notable improvement have been made towards the quality of our locally made fabrics as they are getting better in standard

It’s hard to stay fit? How do you manage that?!
Osisioma: I exercise morning and evening daily. Am also a non-alcoholic and non-smoker, my feeding schedule is monitored strictly. I avoid late meals too. I go for massage therapy too.

What’s your vision of a perfect society?
Osisioma: A perfect society is a society with good standard of living and void of high crime rate.

Whats your definition of happiness
Osisioma: I count my happiness by the number of smiles I put on people’s faces daily.

What were your dreams as a child?
Osisioma: I had wanted to be a medical doctor so I could help save lives.

Tell us more about your typical day?
Osisioma: My typical day starts always with a thanksgiving prayer to God for a beautiful night and the grace to see a bright new day. Afterwards, I prepare for work, attend some executive meetings as and when due; I usually retire for a quick nap at noon except when my schedule prevents it. At evening, I play tennis with friends before I retire for the day.

What were your dreams of future when you were a kid?
Osisioma: I always imagined the future where every individual will be duly employed and living good

What do you do in your free time?
Osisioma: I spend my free time at home with my beautiful family

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?
Osisioma: I see myself being a satisfied man within 10 yrs time because I must have been able to touch as many lives as possible.

What drives your passion for promoting youth development?
Osisioma: My believe in self development is second to none. Therefore, if we empower the youths, there will definitely be a better tomorrow for this generation.

What projects do you have currently promoting Youth empowerment and development?
Osisioma: Through my foundation, we have Osisioma education fund and social care, Osisioma football academy aimed at discovering exciting talents and sending them overseas into good football clubs. By God’s grace, we presently have a number of them on our roster.

Tell us about Osisioma Foundation
Osisioma: Prince Osisioma foundation is aimed basically at reducing the poverty level in the society and creating mass employment for the youth. We give hope to the hopeless.

What is your advice to the Nigerian Youths?
Osisioma: They should believe in their God given talents and work hard. God will definitely bless their handwork

What do you say to your fans?!
Osisioma: I love them all and always pray that God grant them their ernest heart desires.

Thanks for your time sir
Osisioma: SHALOM

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