The Phenomenon of Yoruba Demons

In case you’ve heard the name “Yoruba Demons” but you don’t know what it means, here’s a short definition
“Yoruba demon (n): a charming guy who sweeps you off your feet by doing all the right things, only to let you land on your face.”

Denola Grey
Denola Grey

Here’s a quick list describing the different types of Yoruba demons out there:

  1. The time wasters: The most heartless group of the bunch; after dating a girl for 5+ years, they’ll (all of a sudden) have an epiphany that you’re not the right one for him. Next thing you know, he’s getting married to a different girl the next week after the breakup.
  2. The heart breakers: These are probably the most popular out of the bunch. Heartbreaking is like a sport to them which brings intense thrill. If they haven’t broken a heart in a month they start to fall ill.
  3. The hit and run demons: These are the most despicable of the bunch because they first appear like your knight-in-shining-armour and then at the end they pretend not to have even met you.
  4. The ‘Now you see me, Now you don’t’ Demons: These demons are the most fun to be around, always up for a good time, always the life of the party. They are only available when it’s time for rocks but once you try to ask ‘what are we?’ they just ghost.

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