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Check out these few hairstyles in case you are confused on the type of hairstyle to wear to certain occasions.
Wedding Ceremony
A full frontal curly weave is a total must for weddings, your edges need to look snatched AF because you would be having the time of your life.

Birthday Party (As Guest)
Well just because you are not the celebrant does not mean you shouldn’t pull out that wine wig… Besides the celebrant would be happy that you are representing on her B-day.

Birthday Party (As Celebrant)
Grey– Whitish Grey whatever the case may be you should pop with color on your birthday. Birthday girls have to shine.

Formal Dinner Function 
When you have a dinner function you should make sure that you look pristine so curly weaves as well as short shoulder length weaves are a good choice.

Sunday Church Celebration
Just because its Sunday, you have to turn up for the lord therefore you should take a cue from this look below;

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