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Style Guide: Define Your Style

In my previous article, I talked about the importance of defining your personal style and told you guys about mine. However, I thought to share with you some current names women use to describe their style.

  • Classic style: Classic is, as the name suggests, one of the more classic and enduring styles. These are the pieces that will usually last the longest in your cupboard, so you may want to invest in a few high quality garments that will always make you look good. Some examples of classic garments include:
  • A white button down shirt
  • A pencil skirt
  • A tailored jacket or blazer
  • Tailored trousers
  • A shift dress
  • Jeans
  • Ballet flats
  • The classic pump
  • Animal print shoes and accessories
  • Diamond or pearl studs

Classic style: Folake Hutoon
Classic style: Folake Hutoon

Bohemian styleYou can’t be a bohemian in tight clothes. It just doesn’t work. you have to be able to move and dance and climb.  The Women with bohemian style like movement, color and sparkle. It is a nonconforming style that tends to be associated with the hippie era. Some examples of bohemian garments include:

  • A peasant blouse
  • The hippie skirt
  • A tunic
  • A caftan
  • Long necklaces
  • Bohemian style: Cece
    Bohemian style: Cece

Minimal Style: Minimalism is not about abandoming pattern or print. I see minimalism to be a philosophy that involves an overall sense of balance, knowing when to to take away, subtract. It’s an indulgence in superbly executed cut, quiet plays of color tones and clean strong shapes. I like the philosophy about minimalism: it’s about having less and enjoying the things you have more. So it’s even more important to buy the right things; clothes that are of high quality and fit you extremely well. Some examples of minimal garments include:

  • A simple tailored jacket
  • A designer little black dress
  • A minimal tuxedo
  • One single handbag
  • A minimal watch
  • Minimal style: Portia
    Minimal style: Portia

Trendy/fashionable: You tend to be fashionable and trendy if you embrace the new trends each year and incorporate them into your style. You are willing to take risks and are happy to stand out. This style can be a lot of fun and very arty, but will look outdated pretty soon.
Clothes for this style are hard to define as the trends change every season. Fashionistas will need to follow the trends through magazines and the latest fashion shows to know what to look for in the shops.

Trendy/fashionable style: Chic Ama
Trendy/fashionable style: Chic Ama

Street/Urban style: This is the constantly evolving style that develops on the streets of the big cities. It is constantly changing and quite undefinable, but it tends to be a mix of casual and hip and what’s happening in the world at any particular time.
Street/Urban Style: Aderonke
Street/Urban Style: Aderonke

Eclectic style: This style is hard to describe, which is not surprising, as this style is really a mixture of all kinds of styles. The eclectic woman knows how to mix and match all the different styles and truly make it her own. To make this style really work, it is important to have a good eye for what you like, to know what suits you and to have the innate style instinct or (learned) knowledge to mix it all together. This is a very creative and fun way of dressing.

 Do you know what style you have? In what broad group would you put yourself?

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