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Tips On How To Look Your Best In Ankara

Pay Attention To the Details! I can’t have my fabric transformed into a basic outfit without adding details. Details give that personality to your appearance. It’s the little drama on your clothes people admire or can’t take their eyes off it. Details can be in the hand/sleeves, waist, neckline, etc

2. MIX THE PRINTS! Seems the mixed print trend is just the “golden buzzer” you need from basic to whoa! Funny enough this trend has been on for a while but has only been publicly “recognized” if I must say. Everyone is mixing print and just any two African print goes well if the style permits.

3. MIXING YOUR OUTFITS It’s not all just about the dress, jumpsuits looking good on you. Be versatile with your outfits. Mix your outfit with that colorful trousers, skirt or blazer.

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