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How To Wear Your Natural Short Hair to Different Occasions

Packing your real hair can be a struggle, the length, the edges, when you think of all these, you might just give up, that’s why some women don’t even bother,they will always wear their weave no matter what. But really packing your own hair can be really beautiful, all you need is an idea. You can pack your hair in different ways depending on the occasion.

  1. WORK, DOUGHNUT: This is ideal for work. The hair is packed with a ribbon to create a thick hold. This gives the ponytail a sharp and well put together look.

2. MORNING : You just have to wet your hair a little,apply a little cream or hairspray to make it look silky and smooth, then create a side parting, comb your hair and you’re good to go.

3. GIRLS NIGHT OUT: The hair should not look too organised, it should be a bit messy, in a very chic way. Our definition of hot messy is different, its best to consult your friends while doing this.

4. DATE NIGHT: For this, you need to go for something really nice and beautiful. Curl your hair, or do anything gorgeous like a doughnut or high bun.

Tip: If you have scanty edges, you can create a bow using a little scarf to cover your edges. So ladies what do you think? Would you rock any of the looks? Let me know by commenting below.

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