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Here is nothing more adorable as mother and daughter wearing not just same outfit but same style, it gives this intimate bond and also a memorable experience. The mother and daughter ankara style is rising in a pace and we have seen many mothers creating their own designs with the ankara prints of similar cute styles with their daughters. I can say how this was invented it but the person has just done mothers a favor to share something special with their child. Twinning over the years was left for the mothers alone but today even fathers are not left out with their sons.
Twinning has always being an adorable thing to do, but no one would have taught the ankara will also be a cute outfit for the mother and daughter twinning. Though, the ankara fabric has always being a cute fabric that represents african culture and heritage and for mothers to bring it to the twinning world is so attractive and captivating. Whether in a little dress, skirt, top or a pinafore, you will not be able to get enough of the cuteness. Looking for inspiration to join the mother and daughter ankara style twinning, continue scrolling to see photos of mothers that have used the ankara fabric to look adorable with their carbon copy;

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