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Right Way To Cleanse Your Face With Face Wipes

Cleansing wipes are a great option to clean off dirt and grimes when on the go. However, they shouldn’t be regarded as a permanent substitute for cleansing your face twice daily.
However, do you ever thought there is a right and wrong way to use face wipes? Well, even though face wipes are every lazy girl’s best friend to remove makeups, it turns out that there’s actually a right and wrong way to cleanse your face using wipes. And you might have been doing it wrong all this time.
Well, as far as composition goes, most wipes are saturated with chemicals that allow for easy removal of makeup, which means they can leave chemical residue on the skin and if used wrongly, they can smear makeup into the skin instead of removing the particles completely.
So what is the right way to use face wipes?
Use your wipe from the forehead down to the jaw, so that you don’t end up redistributing oil and bacteria around your face and causing breakouts.
Then wipe your nose because it’s one of the grimiest parts of the face.
Throw away the wipe.
However, if you feel your face is still oily or dirty, repeat the process until you are satisfied.

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