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25+Matching Colour Combinations For Bride To Be

As a bride to be, one of the factors/points that is of great importance while planning your wedding is the colour theme for the wedding especially for the fabrics/attires involved.
For the Church Wedding or Nikkai Ceremony , most times basic colors like white, off white, cream or pink is what most brides choose for their wedding dresses.
But the traditional wedding gives you the opportunity to ‘play’ with colors and express your personality through them (colors).
I have discovered that a lot of brides get confused at the stage of combining colors together either for their own outfit or for their guests (Aso-ebi).
Mixing or combining colours together to get a perfect blend in order to appear super gorgeous before your groom and guests in general needs a lot of attention and detailing.
So, I have drawn up a table of 25 colors that you can combine and get absolutely beautiful results for your traditional wedding and also make your guests looks super amazing as they honor you on your Big day.
25 matching color combinations for your wedding:
Red and gold
White and silver
Pink and grey
Red and white
Purple and gold
Champagne gold and peach
Yellow and silver
Champagne gold and orange
Champagne gold and white
Teal and white
White and royal blue
Peach and turquoise blue
Orange and purple
Peach and cream
Baby blue and brown
Silver and yellow
White and white
Gold and cobalt blue
Green and red
Red and silver
Emerald green and gold
Yellow and gold
Champagne gold and gold
Pink and gold
Baby blue and royal blue
See some pictures and get inspired

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