5 Things You Should NEVER Joke About During Sex

When you’re in bed with your lover, the last thing you want to do is turn them off. Imagine this — you are all set to have steaming sex. The mood is right, there are soft sheets on the bed. You get down to doing it and he says something totally off putting! Not the way you thought it would end, right?
Here are a few things you better not discuss when having sex!
Body shaming, or even your opinions about the person’s body size, should not be discussed. And ladies, the rule applies to your thoughts about the guy’s size too. Work with whatever you have!
Joking, or over the top raving about her boobs is a strict no-no. Do not make the mistake of comparing her boobs with a porn star’s or wondering out loud why both are of different sizes and shapes.
Men, we get it. You are proud of your penis and want to talk about it. But constant questions about how how pleasurable it is, or even asking us to rate and compare it with other guys is such a turn off.
You know what you should not talk about, at all cost, when having sex? Anybody’s ex. What’s history is history. Focus on the present if you don’t want to become history too.
Unless you are planning to have a baby, there is no reason why you would not have protected sex. Joking about condoms, or making a show of not having it at hand is a major mistake.
Did you just watch that in a porno or something? Moves, sounds, everything. During sex, your partner has a better view of you than you do of yourself. When you reenact things you’ve picked up from a porno, whether or not you realize it, it’s probably very obvious. And for some couples, there’s nothing wrong with that (some watch it together). We all have different things that turn us on. But yeah, it’s noticeable.

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