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4 Beauty and Makeup tips to deal with Allergies

Allergies often come along with change in season. Internal allergies often don’t show up but skin allergies can make you look dull and sick. Internal and external allergic reactions are interrelated so whatever you do, it will show up on your face. While there is no magical cure, you can still make yourself look and feel good internally and externally both with these beauty tricks, tips and remedies:
Cold often make your nose and area around it to look red. When you have a red nose from blowing your nose too much, use tissues that have rose water or simply dip tissues in rose water and dry it before you use. For the time being, you can definitely hide the reindeer nose by using colour correcting concealers. Green coloured concealer hides redness on skin perfectly. Apply a green concealer on your nose and blend it using a beauty blender sponge or your clean finger tips. Top it up with your regular concealer and apply foundation.
I often suffer from itchy eyes during rainy season. Itchy eyes can restrict you from eye makeup as the kajal, mascara and eye shadow particles can simply make the condition worse. I have found several tricks and remedies to deal with this problem when I have itchy red eyes. First and foremost, go to a doctor and get an eye drop. You can apply some ice around the eyes too after using drops. To hide eye puffiness, you may place a cold spoon on it. Concealing with red or orange concealer too helps to hide the imperfections.
Skin rashes and acne can often occur due to allergies. Shading and highlighting can help hide those imperfections on your face. Use a colour correcting concealer before applying makeup to hide them perfectly. You may use aloe vera gel mixed with water as face spray throughout the day to treat rashes and acne.
Swollen lips is not a common allergic ., but it does happen to a lot of people. You may contour your lips by using a light and dark shaded lipstick. Before using any makeup, you may want to de-puff your lips using cold compress.
– “Naked” eye shadow palettes made up of softer colour and less pigment can help lighten and brighten the eyes if you have swollen eyes.
– Apply concealer under the eye and to the gallows of the nose to hide cold symptoms.
– Dampen your makeup brushes to apply products. This creates a more dramatic look that will distract from your allergy face.
– Eat two or three raw garlic cloves daily for a week or two to combat various allergy symptoms.
– Add little peppermint oil to hot water and let the steam fall on your face and breathe it in. This will give you relief from allergy symptoms on face.

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