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Ladies: 7 mascara mistakes you’re probably making

Mascara is one of those beauty products that can make or break your look. It makes smoky eyes look more sultry. It can make you look put-together even when you have nothing else on. It makes your lashes look longer, curlier, and more lush.
Sure, mascara seems like a pretty self-explanatory product, right? Just swipe it on. Except, it’s not necessarily that easy. If you want your best-looking lashes ever, you’ll want to avoid the following 10 mistakes at all costs:
You wear waterproof regularly
It’s called waterproof for a reason: it’s meant to be worn in situations when you’re exposed to water. Like going to the beach or pool. Waterproof mascara is not meant for everyday use because it’s difficult to remove. Wearing it on the daily can cause your lashes to dry out and become weak. Plus, trying to remove waterproof mascara daily can even lead to lash loss.
You pump your bottle
If you want to get the most out of your mascara, do not pump the wand into the bottle. This pumps more air into the tube than it’s exposed to normally, causing your mascara to dry out. Dry mascara leads to clumpy lashes. Plus, your tube won’t last nearly as long.
You’re not applying correctly
To get the best-looking lashes, start at the base of your lash line and wiggle the brush as you move upward. You also want to swipe a coat on the top side of your lashes as well.
You curl your lashes after applying
Curling freshly coated lashes will cause them to smudge, clump, and get gross. Not to mention that curling your lashes when wet or with mascara on can be dangerous. Doing so can cause your lashes to stick to your curler and pull them out. No, thank you.
You share mascara with friends
Sharing eye makeup is a dangerous move. Think about how often you use your mascara. Your wand is crawling with your microorganisms and bacteria from your own lashes. And then if someone else uses that mascara, it’s now hanging out with their bacteria. And that goes back onto your lashes.
You’re using old mascara
Speaking of eye infections, using old mascara can lead to infections too. Whether you want to accept it or not, you need to toss your mascara after three months.
You rush
Don’t panic. Instead of rushing to fix your smudges, wait until it dries on your skin. It’ll wipe right off with a Q-tip!

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