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6 Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup

What’s the point of spending thousands of Naira and time putting on makeup? After all, you’d still clean it off at the end of the day. People have a lot of opinions about women, makeup, why we wear it, how we look in it … the list goes on. Not to say that women are the only people who wear makeup, of course, but we are generally the ones who receive opinions about.
The truth is that there are dozens upon dozens of reasons why women wear makeup, and they rarely have to do with gaining approval from anyone else. Here’s why women love to wear makeup:
Highlight best features: Makeup is one tool women everywhere use to show off their best features. If you have soulful eyes, what better way to show them off than with eyeshadow?
To look beautiful: You can’t deny that makeup adds to the overall beauty of a woman. Especially when it’s done right. You can go from regular girl to supermodel with just a few makeup products
Boost Confidence: You know how football players go through different rituals to boost their morale and confidence before a big game. That’s exactly what makeup does for many women. If you have a big meeting or day, applying your makeup gives you the time to calm your nerves, get your game face on and go slay!
Cover imperfections/skin blemishes: Many women have skin issues like scars from pimples and scars from old wounds on their faces. Some women have been disfigured by accidents or fire, makeup items like concealer, primer, foundation etc. help them cover up these scars and blemishes. Thus they can look like everyone else.
For the love of it: This is one thing guys never consider about makeup. Many women just love makeup, applying it and looking good. For example, I can never leave the house without wearing my purple or red lipstick. I love it that much. Some of us actually wear makeup for the sheer love of it!
It complements our natural beauty: Makeup brings out the best in us, those beautiful eyes that no one seems to be noticing? Friend meet mascara, mascara meet friend. Makeup, if you might not know, isn’t used as a face changer, makeup in’t something magical that is going to change your whole look and people don’t really know that. It’s just a beauty enhancer.

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