9 Types Of Br3asts And All You Need To Know About Them

Ever wonder why you and your bestie can’t rock the same kind of bra? Well, that’s because there are actually different types of b00bs. Most of us think that there are only two kinds of breasts—big and small. Believe it or not, there are more ways to describe boobs than just “big” or “small.”
According to experts, women can have Nine different types of b00bs and they are as listed below:
Asymmetric breasts: Some women have asymmetric breasts where one breast is larger than the other. The asymmetry may be barely noticeable or profound.

Bell shaped breasts: Some women have dense breasts that narrow at the top and gets drastically full at the bottom.

East-west breasts: Some women also have breasts that point out to the sides with the nipples facing opposite directions. With this type, it’s not about the shape but the direction. Both nipples are pointed outward

Side set breasts: Sometimes there is this deep space between two br3asts and the nipples point a little more forward than east-west.

Slender breasts: Few women have thin breasts which are a little wider at the top and narrower at the bottom which appears skinny. These br3asts give push-up bras a reason to exist.

Round breasts: Some are blessed with round br3asts which are equally full at top and bottom. Some people also get their br3asts surgically enhanced to make them look round.

Tear Drop: They’re rounded but slightly less full at the top with a softer slope, but it’s still the same concept as bell-shaped.

Athletic: Wider, more muscular breasts with less tissue. As fit chicks, we often rock these “flat” breasts, these are the kind of br3ast are mostly possessed by ladies who are into sport activities. The more we lift, the more boobage lost. The lack of tissue = lack of fat tissue.

Relaxed: If you have these br3asts, you’re probably a really laid-back person. These lax-tissue br3asts with their nipples facing downward.

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