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For Ladies: 7 Mistakes You Should STOP Making During Your Period

Period time can be a complete gross to you! But then, this is the only part and parcel of every woman’s life and everyone has to go through these problems in life. When it comes to do and don’t you need to follow various restrictions during your menstruation.
Almost every woman has a list of what to do and what not to do during periods. However, there are few mistakes that every woman makes during her periods. Revealed in this article are the common ones!
Not changing your pad often: How often do you change your sanitary napkins? Well, it is recommended to change your pad every six to eight hours, irrespective of whether the pad is fully stained or not.
Drinking too much of coffee: Drinking too much of coffee on those days might lead to dehydration, which in turn can trigger a headache and thus, further wreak havoc with your hormones.
Forgetting to look at the colour of your blood: The stuff you empty out of your Diva cup could be trying to send you an important message, so don’t cringe away from it. Colour and texture of menstrual blood matters. Bright red is a good sign, dark colours probably just mean it’s old blood that took a while to come out, and occasional clotting is normal but see a doctor if you run into heavy clots more often than not. The second you see orange, or orange with red streaks, see your gynecologist; it could mean there are fluids from the cervix mixed in there, and you’re battling an infection.
Taking pain relievers: You should never take pain relievers after cramps start attacking you. This is because they can make your health worst and reduces your capacity to take pain. Usually you can observe cramps if you are popping in pain killer too often because they are not more effective during periods.
Douching: You can wash the vag!nal area with plain water but douching not only leads to skin irritation but also alters the pH in the region, which can lead to bacterial or fungal infection.
Using scented products: It is wise to keep the vag!nal area clean and dry during periods but not by using scented products or soaps to mask the foul smell in the vag!na. Also, stay away from vag!nal washes, especially during this time.
Ditching food and water: Due to hormonal fluctuation during periods, most women do not prefer eating or drinking. However, this is not good as one should be well hydrated and eat healthy during this time to stay active and prevent worsening of menstrual symptoms.

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