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Different Amazing Ways Of Using Ankara For Gele

I have seen people wear ankara styles and tie the normal gele just because they want a pleated gele and they could not achieve that with the ankara or they resort to tieing the ankara like an ordinary headtie or turban, the good news is, the Infinity Pleat Gele just surfaced and has broke the internet and Instagram, it is raving in the Nigeria fashion and beauty world and we at beautygists are constantly looking out for the latest and hottest fashion and beauty trends to bring to your notice so you are not left out of the fashion world and to keep your game up at all times. We have seen so any styles of gele that trended, right from the fan to the round gele style, later the avantegard gele came into limelite and now the infinity pleat gele is the new trend and this time with with the ankara fabric.
We are mostly familiar with the aso oke and the igho gele fabric but today we want to discuss and learn on how to tie the million pleat gele with our favorite ankara fabric. As Africans, we take pride in our gele as it is pictured to be one of our numerous culture especially for brides and the owambe people. The infinity pleat gele is another version of the normal pleat gele but this time more gorgeous and most importantly with our favorite ankara fabric which makes it more easier to learn.

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