8 Signs You’re Powerless And In A Relationship Where He Has All The Power

1. YOU’RE AFRAID TO EXPRESS YOURSELF: What if he breaks up with you when you mention how upset you are? You don’t want to take that risk. You’d rather keep your emotions bottled up inside.
2. YOU’RE SCARED TO SAY NO TO SEX: It’s not that you have a high libido. You just don’t want to upset him. You want to be the cool girl that’s always ready to undress for him. You want to keep him from cheating and you think constant sex will do the trick.
3. YOU DO ALMOST EVERYTHING FOR HIM: You cook. You clean. You wash dishes. You bring home money. You give him oral. Meanwhile, he doesn’t do anything a good boyfriend is meant to do. The relationship is clearly one-sided.
4. YOU’RE THE ONE WHO DOES ALL THE APOLOGIZING: It doesn’t matter if he came home late with whiskey on his breath and didn’t even send you a text to let you know where he was. When you have an argument about it all, you’ll end up apologizing to him.
5. YOU DRESS THE WAY HE WANT’S YOU TO: You would never wear a low-cut shirt out to dinner, because he’s told you how much he hates other men looking at your body. You dress to please him, even if that means you don’t get to wear what you want.
6. HE SEEMS LIKE HE CARES LESS: In a healthy relationship, the love should be equal. If he doesn’t give a damn whether you two stay together, then he won’t be putting in nearly enough effort to make you happy. You deserve better than that — better than him.
7. YOU ALLOW HIM SAY NASTY THINGS TO YOU: He can, and does, push your limits. He’ll call you fat. Ugly. Worthless. And you’ll still stick around.
8. ON THE REGULAR YOU GIVE IN TO HIM: Your compromises aren’t really compromises. You just end up giving him what he wants. And he never returns the favor.

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