Fashion Mistakes To ‘SAY No’ To In 2017

Just like saying goes “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”. Yes, it is true that looking great and stylish is always in the calendar of every woman but in an effort to look fashionable and trendy, there are certain things to avoid that can ruin your entire appearance.
We are in the first week of the year, it would be ideal to list out those common fashion mistakes you committed in 2016 and see how you can improve on them. Remember, the strange things you wear or how you wear them at times give opportunity for others to talk behind your back. That being said, even though the fashion industry continue to throw at us what would make people judge us negatively, we should impose that good sense of fashion on ourselves.
Below are the most common fashion mistakes that you should try to avoid in 2017:
Too Much Jewelry To Handle: A lot of women might think being stylish is to overboard the outfit with jewelries. Wearing too much jewelry can ruin your appearance – think of wearing earrings, necklace and bangles at the same time to complement a seguin dress. You will not only ruin your outlook, but you will look like ornament. Always try to bring simplicity to either your dress or to your jewelry.

Sheer Dresses: We all know no matter what we cannot stop some people from exposing too much skin, but we can warn them. It is true that sheer dresses dominated the red carpet in 2016 and I am actually expecting more of it this year. Showing too much skin does not make you look pretty, it gives people the opportunity to judge you negatively. Make a good use of undergarments if you ever want to try a sheer dress.

Colour Combo: Wrong color combination seems to be the most common fashion mistake people usually commit. Why is your dress a purple, your bag a brown, your shoes a yellow with a red lipstick? It is always advisable never to go all coloured from top to bottom, opt for the basic. If you really need to wear colored clothing, wear a full coloured dress or a top and trouser in appropriate matching colours.

Oversized Clothing: I am a fans of boyfriend dresses but not oversized dresses. Oversized dressing can make people to turn heads, and of course this is not what you want this year. There are those outright oversize clothing that make it look like the dressing is wearing you instead of you wearing the dress – make friends with a good tailors and you’ll never wear an oversized dress again.

Panty lines: There is nothing worse as wearing a fashionable dress complete with appropriate accessories only to ruin your outfit with panty lines showing. If you need to wear a thin pant, ensure you wear a right oversize dress to cover panty lines.

Always remember that “every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway”,so feel free to try anything on but dress responsibly.

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