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7 Scientific Reasons Why Women With Big Butts Make The BEST Wives

From shoulder pads to waist cinchers, our society always finds a way to capitalize off of the trending standards of female beauty, with the most recent being surgical enhancements for a larger posterior. Even if the big butt craze fades, the benefits of having a heavy bottomed woman for a wife will not. Keep reading to discover seven reasons why women with big butts make the best wives.
1. Science says they women with large butts reap significant health benefits.
Multiple media sources and scientific publications suggest that these women aren’t just carrying extra weight in their backside and thighs, but also carrying extra protection against diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses . to obesity. The extra weight carried in the backside and thighs triggers the production of hormones that help to better metabolize sugar and other lipids.
2. They have higher IQs.
Women with fat bottoms have a higher storage of Omega-3 fatty acids (the good fatty acids), which improve the functionality and development of their brains. Move over Rain Man, you’ve got competition!
3. They’re likely to birth more successful children.
A 2010 University of Oxford study concluded that women with big butts often have healthier children due to the high storage of those previously mentioned Omega-3 fatty acids. Evidence shows that the fat contained in a mother’s breast milk comes from the lower half of her body, which means that these Omega-3s become a part of the baby’s balanced meals.
4. They are shockingly more fertile than the average woman.
There’s a direct correlation between lower waist-to-hip ratio and fewer irregular menstrual cycles. The regulation of menstrual flow often leads to more frequent ovulation — case in point: higher fertility.
5. Men are biologically captivated by big butts.
Men are innately attracted to the spine curvature in a woman’s body, which is often augmented by the size of a woman’s posterior. According to scientists, throughout the centuries, a 45-degree curve allowed women to search for food later into their pregnancies and have children without injuring their backs.
Women without this curvature have a hard time moving when they are pregnant. Women with big butts are subconsciously associated with increased activity and productivity during pregnancy, which translates to an ideal biological partner.
6. They are the best at cuddling.
There’s no need for extra pillows on the couch when you have a lady with a large posterior. The extra fat does not only bring health and cognition benefits, but it doubles up to serve as a great pillow for lounging and watching TV, and an ideal cuddle partner. Additionally, we’ve all heard the saying “More cushion for the pushin’.” I’ll just leave that there. No further explanation needed.
7. They’ve got what everyone else wants.
Women are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on the butt implant and injection craze. And if they aren’t spending money, they are spending hours in the gym trying to augment their butt as naturally as possible. If you are one of the fortunate women that was born with one, take pride in knowing all the biological and social benefits of what your mama gave you!
This isn’t an excuse to have another slice of chocolate cake and rationalizing it by saying the weight goes straight to your hips. Most of the benefits found in research are also preluded by exercise and a good diet that maintain a strong and toned backside.

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