Home Remedies For Itchy Breasts

There are a lot of women who encounter itchy breasts at least once in their lifetime but at times, men also suffer from having itchy breasts. There are so many possible causes of having itchy breasts such as the following: The use of irritating soaps and detergents. Sometimes when the formula of the products that we use are too strong, this can cause itchy breasts. Dirt or fungi that sometimes latches on to certain areas of the breast. Other serious conditions that may manifest as an itch in the beginning.
You have to remember that it is more common for some common and easily treatable diseases to cause having itchy breasts but if in case you feel that this is not the reason why you have it then you can easily go to your doctor so that your condition can be diagnosed. Once it is ruled out that you have a common skin condition that can easily be cured, you can already use the right home remedies that will definitely change your condition. If you would like to get rid of your itchy breasts at the soonest possible time, here are some of the remedies that you can do:
Cold Compress: You do know that exposing your itchy breast to cold temperature may sometimes make the skin around your breast to become drier than usual. But placing cold compress on the affected area of the skin can help get rid of some of the symptoms that are making you feel uncomfortable. You need to make use of a clean and soft towel that you can wrap around ice. Place the cloth on the affected area for about 10 minutes, make sure that you will take a break so that the area will not get frostbitten.
Bathing Routine: How do you bathe? When you have some itchy areas on your breast, you need to take into consideration the usual method that you follow when you like to do some bathing. For instance, if you take lengthy showers or if you would bathe for more than half an hour, you can expect that the itch on your breast will linger. Definitely, there are some changes that you should do with your bathing routine like the following: Instead of hot water, choose to bathe in warm water instead. Unscented bathing products may be the better option as compared to heavily scented bathing products, make sure that you will not rub your skin roughly as this can aggravate your condition. Use your own soap. This will avoid the possibility that you are going to acquire another person’s condition. Apply a moisturizer on areas that are prone to drying after bathing. This will keep the skin moisturized and protected all throughout the day.
Constantly hydrate: Do you realize that one of the reasons why the skin may be having problems is because you do not drink enough water? When you drink water, you will be protecting your skin which is the biggest part of your body. Try to drink up to 8 – 10 glasses of water every day although this may change depending on the activities that you do. The more active you are, the more water you may need.
Comfortable Clothing: If you are used to wearing tight clothing then it might be a breath of fresh air for you to start wearing comfortable clothing that are usually made out of soft, light and breathable fabrics. This does not only apply to your usual outerwear but to your inner wear as well.
Coconut Oil: When it comes to coconut oil, a lot of people know that this is one of the most obvious things that can be used on the skin. It comes with a lot of benefits. In fact, this is not only used for the skin, there are times when it is used on the hair as well. Getting rid of the itch on your breast can also be possible with the use of coconut oil. Apply coconut oil on the affected area of the br3ast, you can massage gently so that the skin will absorb the coconut oil.
This needs to be done several times a day until you see your desired results.
With all of these possible home remedies in mind, you can get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of having itchy breasts.

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