How to Buy the Best Fabric for your Outfit

How to Buy the best Fabric to fit your style…
Which should you buy first, the sewing pattern or the fabric?  I think its easiest to buy your sewing pattern first then shop for fabric. Once you have got your pattern, you know what kinds of fabric you are looking for and how much fabric to buy. You can also buy any thread, zips, buttons or other notions to match at the same time.
When you are looking for a fabric in a shop:

  1. Check that the fabric is one of the one’s recommended on the back of your pattern envelope.
  2. Unroll the fabric bolt a little and have a look at how the fabric hangs. Do you like it? how does it feel?  is it soft or stiff?.
  3. Have a look at the label, there should be some information about the fabric.
  4. Visualize your pattern project made up in the fabric. Does it look right? Do you like it?  Does the fabric color suit you?.
  5. Check the width of the fabric.  Fabrics are made in different widths: mainly 150cm (60″) and 115cm (45″). Look at your pattern to find out what length you will need to buy.
  6. Take your time. Once you buy, unroll and cut, you cant return so dont rush into buying.

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