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5 Bra Styles That A Lady Should Own

Hey ladies!
Different styles of bras have different fits and functions and are geared towards different body types. When searching for a bra style that is for them, women should find one that is comfortable, supportive and complimentary to her shape.
Five styles of bras women should own: Full coverage bra, The adhesive bra, The sport bra,The push up bra,  and the T-shirt bra.

  1. Full Coverage Bra; These are models in coverage, cutting down the amount of cleavage, while enhancing support.This style of bra eliminates breast spillage by featuring bra cups that entirely cover the breasts. This bras are designed for bigger- busted women that are shallow at the top of their breasts because they will not fill the cup completely.560000135_8623_shelf
  2. Adhesive Bra; also known as stick-on bras, are typically constructed of silicone, polyurethane, or as similar material. They are best described as a backless, strapless bra that adheres to the underside of the breasts using a medical grade adhesive 41qdD3cpQbL._SL160_SL150_ 51HS85BU6cL._SL160_SL150_
  3. Sport Bra; A Sports Bra provides strong, comfortable fitting support to a woman’s breasts during physical activity. It is  imperative to wear this type of bra when exerting oneself during exercise because it minimizes breast movement, alleviating the discomfort that women often feel during intensive movement. The bra also reduces possible stretching to fibrous tissue in the chest.V5-1262320-420_HTFV5-1262320-904_HTF
  4. Push -up Bra; They are designed to lift the breasts up and give them a rounder shape, enhancing the look of cleavage and making a woman’s breast appear larger.V576711_RC5NA_CROP1V576709_CROP1
  5. T-Shirts Bras; A  t-shirt bra, also known as a contour bra, is a bra that is designed to be worn under thin shirts to provide a smooth, invisible look. These bras are usually seamless in nature.penny_lightly_lined_non_stretch_jacquard_wirefree_bra-red_2.jpg_1

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