How to Wear Your Midi Dress the African Way

Midi dress looks great when worn the right way. The term “midi” is a dress or skirt length that is halfway between the knee and ankle (mid-calf). Wearing the right midi dress entails choosing the right fabric, in this case the right african fabric.
Next time you want to wear your midi dress the African way follow the rules below and stand out
1. Choose a the Right Fabrics: The brighter the better, I recommend you choose a fabric with combination of two or three bright colours with well designed patterns that blend together.
2. Select a length that is slightly above mid-calf: This dress actually creates the perfect illusion of a longer dress. You don’t want the midi dress to end exactly at mid-calf, which is the thickest part, rather just above it, which is a little slimmer.
3. Wear sexy minimal strapped heeled sandals or shoe: This helps elongate the leg and combat the stumpy look that a midi dress might give. Avoid clumpy shoes even if they are high heeled as this will give you extra weight.
4. Wear a matching belt to cinch the waist: You shouldn’t wear a midi dress without giving your waist definition, you’ll look like a short block of fabric. Make sure the midi dress you choose matches the waist belt. Some midi dress are designed to cinch at the waist in that case you may not need a belt.
See the styles below for your inspiration
African Midi Dress
African Print Dress Anakra Midi Dress
African Midi Dress
African Print Midi Dress


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