How to do a Traditional Wedding / Attire Makeup [Video]

Makeup is not as hard as you think, you can actually do it perfectly yourself. You need to understand the art of makeup, know the colour that matches your skin, and take a little bit of your time to learn. It can be fun and cost effective doing your traditional wedding make up yourself especially when you want to save cost. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a traditional attire / traditional wedding bridal makeup.
Whether you are the one having traditional wedding or your friend/sister, this tutorial works for you. Even when you want to attend any event on traditional attire, it still works for you. Get your materials ready and learn.
Before you start, know that patience is the key.
What you need to start:
– Powder brush
– Eye shadow
– A well sharpened pencil
– Mascara Eyeliner
– Sweet colored lipstick
– Blush
– Concealer
– Translucent powder
– Primer
Here’s a video to guide you through traditional makeup process

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