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Latest Ankara Peplum Styles You Will Love

There’s something very stylish and elegant about Ankara peplum tops, these beautiful designs will add that extra flare needed to take your style to a complete new level.

The Ankara peplum style was at its peak in the 1940’s, however the style has seen a revival over the past few years.  African celebrities are to credit for the revival of this classical style and the have taken upon themselves to ‘reinvent’ such elegance from a bygone era and the rest of us inevitably followed suit.

As with any item of clothing the style major determinant is getting a good fit; when worn right the Ankara peplum design offers that perfect hourglass silhouette. It’s not about drawing attention to your sides, it’s about getting the whole shape right.

The term peplum originates from the ancient Greek language term ‘peplos’ essentially indicating tunic and that is exactly what we mean when we create an outfit as using a peplum design. Peplum dresses, for example, have a little sewn in overskirt, which looks a bit as an elongated hem that draws attention to the hip area.

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