Latest Hair Trends and Products

A great hair needs a great care. From the latest products and technologies to the most flattering styles and trends, these are essentials to make your hair great this year.
The cuts, styles, treatments and products that can turn a good hair day into lasting barnet glory.
Here are the top tips for making a good hair this year 2016.
The dry hair fix
Miracle moisture for your hair
SheaMoisture 10-In-1 Multi-Benefit Hair Masque is an intensive antioxidant-rich treatment that helps perfect and renew vibrancy to brittle, lackluster hair. Originally for afro hair but now adapted for any thick, brittle, over-processed or ageing hair, leave it on for 5-30 minutes for miraculous moisturising.
French Braids

Expect French plaits to be big news this spring. But don’t worry if you don’t think you can do it yourself, check out Braid Bars around you.
Last year, make-up artists ditched contouring for ‘strobing’ – ie the flattering highlighter-y bits of facial sculpting. Now there is ‘strobing for hair’: a smattering of subtle golden tones around the face to mimic the effect of light falling on locks, even when there’s no sunshine to be had.
The three-minute colour refresh
Nothing is more addictive than swooshing, newly-coloured hair (except Dairy Milk, but this is January and we must not speak of such things). New to Boots this month, Express Colour, promises to recapture that post-hairdresser high. Apply your shade, then rinse out for a speedy colour reboot that lasts around five washes.
Top tip: we advise keeping it away from roots – the mahogany shade temporarily stained our scalp pink – but it was great at putting lustre back into a faded ombre.
The grey day beautifier
Touch of SilverGet brighter, less brassy locks
The trend for shunning colour and embracing grey continues, but try enhancing silver locks with new Touch of Silver Pre-Toning Treatment Primer. It makes hair less porous so the grey is smoother and more even.
Used with their brightening shampoo and conditioner you should see visibly brighter and less brassy hair from the first use.
Conditioner first
Revolutionary Reverse System with conditioner before shampoo helps you achieve volume and softness at the same time.
Soft, smooth manageability and impressive lift have been at opposite ends of the hair wishes’ spectrum, but Trésemme have a product (Tresemme Pre Wash Beauty Full Volume Conditioner) to get both at the same time.
Enter the Beauty-FULL Volume range with its reverse washing breakthrough: condition FIRST, then shampoo for healthy hair not weighed down by residue.

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