How To Make Dutch Braid / Inverted French Braids

Braids are hot this season. Inverted french braid / Dutch braid is an easy way to bring dimension to your normal french braid. It stands out from the back and look different from the usual braids. The only difference is that the left and right sections are crossed under rather than over the middle section. The Dutch braid is a hairstyle that looks difficult to create but is fairly simple. It is basically an in-side-out or reverse French braid; you simply braid strands under rather than over each other.
dutch braids
Follow these simple steps to make an inverted french braid yourself:
1 . Brush your hair so that its free from tangles. Use hair spray to prevent fly always and make it easier to style.
2 . Start from the crown of your head like a normal french braid. Make a V shape and gather all the hair from this section and pull it up. Divide it into three sections. Keep the sections divided with both hands.
3 . Begin your braid by holding the left and middle sections with left hand and right section with your right hand. Cross the right section under the middle section to left section. Then cross the left section under the middle section.
4 . Always pull the strands to keep the braid neat. Bring more hair from the outside sections and add them to the middle section by crossing left to right. Repeat the same steps and add small sections from either sides.
5 . Continue brading till the end. Secure with a hair tie. Use hair spray on any fly-always if you want.
Watch the video below for detailed guide:

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