Ankara Styles

Top Inspiring Ankara Styles You Should Try

Ankara fashion is making waves in Nigeria, every day new styles emerge. Choosing the best thing to wear for every occasion is not an easy task especially if you are on a budget.The need to look appropriate is part of what makes us humans, everyone wants to be accepted one way or the other and the fastest way to do that is with style.
Your sense of style in directly proportional to your personality and outlook in life; there are different ways people choose to look some people have a loud and bubbly style, others are hippie, some like the simplicity of being gracious ad elegant others like to be rugged. Out of all this differences we do have to admit that the one thing that is probably similar in each characteristics of people is the fabric used to create designs. A fabric as we all know is the material used to sew a cloth, no matter what style category you find yourself one of the fabrics that every African woman can attest to having in her wardrobe is the ‘Ankara’.
The Ankara fabric is everything to an African woman and it is because it holds a lot of history; our mothers wore the Ankara, grand mothers and we would also want our kids to wear the Ankara for the simple fact that its a part of our cultural heritage. There was a time when the Ankara was used singularly for aso ebi and then it was native on Fridays only but that age is now dead as the Ankara fabric has been incorporated into our daily style.
Below are inspiring Ankara styles you should try

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