Top Sex Positions That Guarantee Orgasms For Women!

It always amazing when some women say they’ve never experienced orgasms. ‘Why then are you having sex?!!!!’ Perhaps the problem comes from not knowing the sexual positions that would guarantee multiples and beautiful orgasms and if this is the reason, then this post is for you!
Side By Side

This is one of those positions, that aligns a man’s and woman’s most sensitive erogenous zones and provides optimum stimulation for both partners. You can hold each other close and grind in unison, and women can stimulate their clits using the shaft or tip of the partner’s penis or strap-on.
Doggy With A Twist

Another sex position that is very popular among couples is the doggy style. The twist here is that it is not the usual doggy position that most people have tried. For orgasm, the woman has to lie down on her tummy and the man will enter from behind holding the woman close and tight. The man will also slowly lie on top of the woman while he is penetrating. This position gives ample stimulation to the G-spot and thus causing orgasms.
Reverse Cowgirl

This position leads to intense clitoral stimulation, along with the added advantage of the woman controlling the depth and speed of penetration.

Although a lot of people might see this as a little risque, there’s nothing wrong in being frisky in bed with your partner. 69 is a position that couples find to be super-pleasurable, but somehow don’t do enough. Being that the woman is on top, 69 gives freedom to move your clitoris and position yourself for optimum orgasm.
Leg Glider

This position is fantastic and enables your partner to hit both the G-spot and stimulate the clitoris simultaneously.

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