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If You Want A Flat Stomach, Stay Away From The Following Six Foods You Probably Consume Daily

All people dream about a flat stomach, but it is not an easy thing to achieve. Especially if you follow an unhealthy diet and are not physically active, having a flat and toned belly can be really tricky.
Yet, there is a way to finally get the six pack and be proud of your body figure! We cannot promise you that you will have the perfect belly in 2 weeks, but the effects will surprise you sooner than you expect!
However, you need to follow several rules in order to have a slim belly:
Avoid Processed Food, Refined Sugar and Alcohol
When you are trying to lose weight, lead a healthy lifestyle, and lose belly fat, you should avoid alcohol, refined sugar, and processed foods, as they accumulate in the stomach and lead to extra fats and pounds.
Avoid dairy Foods
Dairy products lead to stomach bloating and gases, so you should forget about milk and too much dairy products if you want to lose the stubborn belly fat. However, if you are a fan od these products, you can still consume yogurt, which contains probiotics and helps digestion.
Reduce Carbohydrate Intake
Carbohydrates form additional fats, cause stomach bloating, and prevent the slimming process. Therefore, you should avoid or reduce the consumption od bread, sweets, and pasta, and focus on protein-based food instead.
Choose citrus Fruits
You can benefit a lot from the consumption of fruits, but some of them can actually cause excess belly fat. For instance, the regular consumption of pears and apples can affect metabolism, as the body is burdened with excessive amounts of fructose. Yet, you should consume citrus fruits, which are highly acidic, and support the weight loss process.
Avoid Spicy Food
Spicy food irritates the stomach, causes digestive issues and leads to at accumulation in the stomach. Hence, you should avoid spicy meals and especially hot spices.
Reduce the Salt Consumption
Salt prevents the natural digestion and leads to water retention, so it is one of the main culprits for the excess pounds in the belly and the appearance of cellulite. Due to all this, you should decide to completely eliminate salt from your food.

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