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What My Boyfriend Wore

Just to clear the air, my boyfriend did not actually wear the clothing items below…lol! I was just thinking of a title for this post and the first thing that came to mind is “What my boyfriend wore”.
Anyway, as the power and influence of Instagram continues to grow, so does the Black man’s impact on culture and style. With that said, I felt it’s only right to introduce some of the stylish Black men on Instagram.
1. Steven Onoja

Look 1: Steven Onoja

2. Christian Confidential
Look 2: Christian Confidential

3. Marcus Troy
Look 3: Marcus Troy

4. Thebillionbrand
Look 4: Thebillionbrand

5. 876Highfashiondread
Look 5: 876Highfashiondread

Do you feel this list is incomplete? You can let us know who else deserves to be here by commenting below.

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