10 Everyday Hygiene Products That Are Harmful To Your Health

Most people are very conscious of the foods they put in their mouth, but they don’t put a fraction of that effort into finding out what they are applying to their skin. It might surprise you that the skin is the largest organ and everything you put on it will be absorbed into the bloodstream. On the average, people are putting 15 different personal care products on their skin every day, each containing dozens of toxic chemicals that are slowly deteriorating your health. You might be surprised at all of the conventional personal care products, woman hygiene, and baby products, that are deadly high in toxicity levels.
Here’s a list of everyday hygiene products that are harmful for your health and ones that you should be avoiding:
Rash Ointment: Rash ointments and other similar personal care products contain petrolatum, otherwise known as paraffin and mineral oils. These ingredients coat the skin like a light plastic and clog pores while allowing the build-up of toxins. They tend to slow cell development and aid in creating early signs of aging and are another suspected cause of cancer. These ingredients have been linked to disrupting hormonal activity.
Fragrance: One of the biggest offenders of everyday hygiene products that are harmful for your health are ones labeled that contain fragrances. You will find these fragrances in shampoo, perfume, deodorants, and lotions, anything that is labeled to smell good. The fragrance, or parfum, contains neurotoxins listed in the top five allergens in the world. These fragrances cause brain damage, loss of muscle control, headaches, problems with speech, and memory loss. Look for unscented or products that are produced with essential oils instead.
Laundry Detergent: In order for your laundry detergent to lather up nicely, it needs to be packed with Diethanolamine or DEA. By itself, this ingredient is not harmful. In cosmetic formula however, it becomes extremely potent. This toxic ingredient can be easily absorbed through your skin and has been linked with stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, liver cancer, and bladder cancer. Choose detergents with only all-natural ingredients and no fragrances.
Body Lotion: Most women will lather up and rub body lotion all over themselves after they shower in order to lock in that moisture. They are clueless to the fact the body lotion contains phenol, known as carbolic acid, produced from petroleum. This toxic ingredient is corrosive to the skin, the eyes, and has been found to cause lung edema. The phenol is extremely harmful to the central nervous system and can result in seizures, kidney failure, comas, and dysrhythmia.
Deodorants: Most people don’t think twice about putting on deodorant, as long as it makes them feel and smell fresh. They might be surprised to discover one of the main ingredients in everyday deodorant is heavy metals like mercury, nickel,. arsenic, lead, cadmium, and beryllium. Lead is so toxic it is no longer allowed in paint, but it is still found in makeup, deodorants, and even lipsticks. Beware of arsenic in your eyeliner or mercury in your mascara.
Face Creams: Women are easily sold on those face creams that promise to reduce fine lines, eliminate crows eyes, lighten the appearance of wrinkles, and help them to get back that supple skin they enjoyed in their youth. The problem however is these face cream manufactures fail to mention this product contains acrylamide, an industrial chemical that increases infertility and is a cause of numerous neurological problems.
Hair Conditioner: To achieve that foaming you see in hair shampoos and conditioners, it must contain sodium laureth sulfate or SLS. Combined with other common personal care chemicals, these foaming products can cause serious illnesses. The reason they are so toxic is that ingredient was originally created as a pesticide and chemical used to scrub oil stained garage floors. Manufacturing the SLS creates dangerous carcinogens known to be the cause of many cancers.
Nail Polish: Most women will take great care making sure they apply that nail polish perfectly and that is matches with their clothing. If they only took a fraction of that time to look at the ingredients, they would find it contains formaldehyde, one of the most toxic known carcinogens. This ingredient is it toxic to the immune system and your respirator tract. It is also commonly found in sunscreen, makeup, styling gel, body wash, and facial cleansers.
Cosmetics: Although cosmetics can run the gamete from makeup, nail polish, to eyeliner, it is important that you careful scan the ingredients to see if they contain phthalates. This one ingredient is commonly found in flexible plastic children’s toys and contains endocrine disruptors that mimic the body’s hormones and have been shown to cause neurological and reproductive damage. If your personal hygiene products contain fragrances, there is a good chance they contain phthalates.
Facial Scrubs: Most people think that when they are using a facial scrub they are getting rid of any possible toxins off the surface of the skin. In reality, these and other cosmetics contain proplene glycol, otherwise known as antifreeze. Of all the everyday hygiene products that are harmful for your health, this one can cause life-threatening diseases like liver and kidney disease. Stick to home made facial scrubs which can easily make yourself.
So now you are more familiar with some of the everyday hygiene products that are harmful for your health. Take the time to go through all of your personal hygiene products and start removing those that are toxic to your health. Look for products with all-natural ingredients that will not cause you to develop serious illnesses or cancers.

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