Common Beauty mistake to avoid before going to bed

In the night while we are sleeping our skin rejuvenate and new cells come up. A lot is going into our body mechanism and there are some of our hobbies which are the threat. And we must quit them as soon as possible. Here are top seven beauty mistakes you should never make before going to bed. And most of us commit them daily knowingly or unknowingly.
Not removing eye makeup: Sleeping with eye make up can result in puffy swollen eyes. And give you tired look through out the day. So make it a point to remove eye makeup before going to bed with some oil or moisturizer.
Not brushing your teeth: The dentist always says that brushing the teeth before going to bed is a major threat to our teeth. So you must brush your teeth before going to bed. This is not only from hygiene purpose but also your teeth looks pretty and no bad odour.
Not changing pillow cover: Suppose you practice every beauty hack with full commitment but sleep on a dirty pillow over. Then nothing can save you from getting up with breakouts and pimples on your face. Change your pillow cover frequently for the beautiful face, skin and hair.
Not wearing comfortable and loose clothes: Sometimes, we are too lazy to change after a whole super tiring party session. But trust me, as I told you our body grows and rejuvenate in the night while we sleep. So it is very crucial to sleep in comfortable clothes.
Do not tie your hair so tightly: You may be irritated with hair on your face and end up lighting up your hair. But it causes a lot of damage to your hair. Tightly tying your hair is a big NO. If it really bothers you then make loose braids and then go to bed.
Don’t go to bed with make-up on: Going to bed with makeup on is the biggest sin to your face. Make-up blocks your face badly and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. And you wake up with dull skin. Kindly remove your make-up before getting into bed. And also not with water only. Remove it properly one by one with wet wipes and then use your face wash.
Drink a lot do water: Before going to bed, it is very important to drink a lot of water. The body needs water to carry on its functions in the night. Sodomy forgets to drink water. And a lot of water doesn’t mean you have to drink 3-4 glasses. 1-2 glasses are more than enough.

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